• Goal of this websitePlus The goal of this website is to give access to validity information about your own website according to the W3C standards
  • The toolPointer You only have to fill in the URL of your webpage and our system will save it. After that, the validation will start and you will have access to the validation report
  • The dataData Each validation data is stored and historized. So, you will have the possibility to see the validity evolution of your webpage
  • One validation per dayOne You can only validate your webpage once a day in order to supply an equal and permanent service to every user
  • The W3C standardsNorm These standards have been written by the W3C in order to define how HTML has to be written and to give web browsers the ability to understand how a webpage is made
  • The W3C APITool This website uses the W3C API allowing us to validate your webpage on our server. This API also uses HTML5 validation API in order to be able to validate every type of webpage

What results can you get?

  • Well done!Valid This icon is used to indicate the validity of your webpage and also to show that the validation has run without finding any alert and warning
  • You've got work to do!Warning This icon is used to show that a warning has been found. A warning indicates that your webpage needs to be corrected
  • It's disastrous!Error This icon is used to identify an error and to indicate that your webpage is not valid. An error indicates that your webpage doesn't respect the W3C standards